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Interactive projection on the water brings the pool ‘really’ to life! Fun and efficiency go hand in hand.


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The interactive movable swimming pool floor

A brand-new development in the design of movable pool floors. Over the years, Variopool movable floors have more than proven their merit. These floors increase the profitability of swimming pools by allowing multiple target groups to make use of the pool at the same time.
Our engineers have continued to develop our product, responding to the requirements of our partners in the swimming pool sector. We are now proud to announce the addition of a new interactive movable swimming
pool floor to our product range!

A movable floor for swimming pools

One of the most important ways to make pools suitable for a variety of target groups is a movable floor that can be set to the required pool depth. It can be used across the entire pool surface or just cover part of the pool. With a movable floor, the pool is transformed into a highly versatile pool surface suitable for a variety of purposes. Examples include anything from pool exercise for seniors to swimming lessons for toddlers and pre-schoolers.
The desire to make the swimming pool more versatile led to the idea for a way to turn swimming pools into recreational areas at will. With this technology, several 25-meter pools with a movable floor can easily be transformed into a recreational landscape or used as a pool for a specific target group.

High resolution projector

Your pool becomes an interactive playground for young and old. This can vary from games in the water to fountains that spray upwards in response to the actions of the various games available. Above the pool, a very powerful projector is placed which is equipped with 3D tracking cameras. The projector itself is placed in a special ventilated housing.

3d tracking cameras

The 3D tracking cameras detect the players and then react to them. The player can then also react to the various projected subjects and become part of the game. When the player walks through the water, for example, fish swim behind the players or the player can participate in a game together with an opponent. Pure fun!

Colourful fountains

Area H2O also contains fountains in the movable floor. These colourful fountains react to the chosen game and can also be set at a certain height depending on the target group. A party? Then all fountains can spray simultaneously and in various colours. A feast to watch.

Interactive games

This interactive solution comes with a number of games as standard. These bear sounding names such as Deep Sea, Tubes, Pong around and Discoballs. The development of the games is ongoing and new games will be added. It is also possible to project your logo on the bottom of the pool at an event or graduation ceremony. For customised solutions, please contact us.